Septic System Engineering

One of the first steps when installing a septic tank system Colorado Springs is planning. When you begin to plan a septic system, the design is one of a successful system’s key features. Even though it seems like septic tank systems Colorado Springs may only have two major parts, planning and designing are an exact process.

When planning and designing a new septic system Colorado Springs, homeowners have various items to consider. Innovative Process Engineering can handle all of these specific issues as well as guide you through the entire process, beginning with local regulations and permits to completion.


When you hire Innovative Process Engineering to design your septic system, the first step will be an initial site evaluation. This step would include a review of the aerial imagery and published information about the property.

Our expert will also visit the site to discuss the intended build-out. We will evaluate the ground surface conditions at the site, which include topography, water patterns, build-out desires, and a general understanding of the project site. This evaluation helps us determine which areas are suitable for soil investigation and site measurement.

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For septic systems Colorado Springs to function correctly, the soil quality must be appropriate for the system demands. Your septic system’s effectiveness is significantly affected by the type of soil .

Soils must be tested to determine the proper design of a Soil Treatment Area (STA). The testing must be certified by  a competent professional. Our professionals will provide accurate soils testing for the optimal septic system performance. Either we can bring one of our associated excavation contractors, or if you have equipment, we can supervise your excavation of the profile test pits.

Our professionals will take the time to work with you determining the optimal location for the leach field. We frequently take the time to excavate more than the two required Profile Pits. We have even re-evaluated properties that had a septic system design and found better soils and saved the owner more than ten thousand dollars on the septic system.

With over 35 years of experience, Innovative Process Engineering is highly skilled in the soils tests specified by County Regulations. When you call our company, we will visit your property, find the best soils and we will create a report stating the soil type and composition to determine the type of septic system needed.

Septic Systems

When exploring your area’s health codes and regulations, we can quickly determine which particular septic system you need according to the soil report. While the basic system frequently contains only two major parts, we offer many different types of septic systems.

The most common type of system is the primary septic tank and leach field. However, the leach field design can  meet a wide variety of different factors, including soil composition. Once we have determined the type of septic system, the size of the field will be determined. We can design systems to meet your specifications. We can design with chambers, rock and pipe, orifice shields and advanced treatment.

Septic Field

The next step in the septic system designing process is mapping out the septic field. Local regulations will guide this process because they may regulate how far the area is from your house, any streams on the property, and property line setbacks.

After the regulations, the size of the home and soil type are the next governing factors. For example, a larger sized home with low draining soil will require a more massive septic field than a large house with high draining soil. As mentioned previously, we will design within the regulations, but be flexible to meet your needs. We LISTEN to our clients and pride ourselves on superior customer service.


Another crucial design parameter is the piping. Proper bury depth and slope are designed. We also choose the most efficient hydraulic design so that you can save money by getting a properly sized pump system (if needed).

Permits and Regulations

As with any significant household project, septic tank installation Colorado Springs requires you to follow all laws and regulations of your local town, city, county, or township. The rules that govern septic tank systems depend on the scope of the project as well as where you live.

A septic system permit Colorado Springs is required for all projects. It is vitally important to understand the rules and regulations associated with septic systems in your area because you can be halfway through a project and be required to start over if you do not follow the laws and permit requirements. Homeowner installs are permitted ONLY in certain soil types.

When these items are completed, the septic system design is done. We will review this design and then submit it to you or the Installer, who will then submit to the regulatory agency for approval. Innovative Process Engineering is fully aware of all laws and regulations in the areas we serve to make the permitting process pain-free for you.

If you need a new septic system, allow our firm to discuss the project’s particulars with you. Innovative Process Engineering services residential system engineering as well as small utilities and can efficiently handle the most complex septic system engineering projects. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.