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A Septic Engineer Colorado Springs Can Trust

If you have ever lived in different areas, you know that no two geographic sites are exactly alike. Understanding this information is critical when installing a septic system that will meet or exceed your needs for years. Some people believe that oversizing a system now is an excellent investment to prepare for future growth or add-on.

Others are looking to design the minimal system for a home sale or transfer – we can work with you to find a solution meeting your needs. If you build a system that meets your home’s needs today, you will pay less upfront. When you are faced with these types of septic system decisions, Innovative Process Engineering has you covered. As experienced septic system Engineers in Colorado Springs, we know that the perfect septic system design Colorado Springs is the main priority.

As experts in the septic system design engineering Colorado Springs field, we know that regulations drive the design of the septic system. A seasonal home may require the same sized system as a full-time residence, but we will work with you and the local regulators to ensure you get what you need and not more than you need.

We are also experienced in public drinking water system design in Colorado. We have experience serving small municipalities, water districts, rv parks and campgrounds. We have designed systems saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, while obtaining permits and complying with State regulations. 

Commercial / Industrial customers have an increased investment when it comes to processing water. This type of water is used for various manufacturing processes such as cooling tower make-up water, coating and plating, and much more.

When a facility receives municipal or groundwater supplies, it can contain various minerals that cause problems. These problems include streaking, adherence interference, and spotting. This insufficient quality process water can increase your overall costs.

Innovative Process Engineering can provide a wide array of solutions to process-related issues related to water as well as any other public water treatment issues associated with your business. We will work with your company to develop a customized water treatment solution to meet your unique needs.

If your business needs a Colorado public water system treatment or your home needs septic engineering Colorado Springs, Innovative Process Engineering can provide the various services you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

We Can Provide Public Drinking Water Treatment Solutions Saving Thousands And Complying With Regulations

Innovative Process Engineering’s story began over 35 years ago when I started in the water quality and process engineering business. With over 20 years of experience in laboratories, I bring years of hands-on experience performing process optimization and design to the table.

Licensed in Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming, we focus our knowledge and skills on performing residential and commercial septic designs as well as commercial processes, including public water and wastewater treatment engineering for RV Parks, Campgrounds, and other public utilities.

I offer my services to be utilized by developers desiring water or wastewater designs. I also have experience with municipalities and solving their process challenges. When industries are faced with perplexing waste streams, we can provide solutions.

Unlike some competitors, Innovative Process Engineering can travel to your site to work in the facility. Working in the facility allows this Engineer to gain a unique understanding of your process needs. With this understanding, we will create optimal solutions to your particular process challenges.

As with any other business, one of your top priorities before paying money is to check references. With years of experience, our company can offer a wide variety of references to ensure you have a clear understanding of our outstanding reputation and knowledge.

Once you have checked references, you will soon realize that we can provide you with various solutions to your water/wastewater/environmental issues. Whether it is an extensive municipal water treatment system or a challenging or straightforward residential septic system, Innovative Process Engineering is here to solve the problem.

With over 35 years of experience, Innovative Process Engineering can offer septic system engineering as well as public water treatment engineering for public utilities . If you would like more information about our services, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Water Treatment System Designed By Innovative Process Engineering

We Design Quality Public Drinking Water Systems In Colorado And Surrounding States

Do you remember driving without GPS? If not, it was a game of dead ends, U-turns, and asking for directions. Trying to navigate water treatment engineering is similar to driving without GPS. Without experience or skills, it can be confusing and frustrating.

Since we opened our doors over 35 years ago, we continue to receive the same questions. 

“Who else can I purchase this from?” and “Will you come onsite to provide personal technical assistance?” are two of the most commonly asked questions. These questions are welcomed because it helps us determine if we will have a long term fit between our company and our potential clients.

Our mission is to ensure you can navigate the water treatment industry while being a partner that fits you best. We provide services that reflect this mission while maintaining the highest customer service standards.

We serve commercial and public clients as well as residential. Typically, our residential customers will only need septic system design engineering, as residential drinking water systems are not regulated for quality.

As one of the best septic engineering companies Colorado Springs, we offer septic system engineering for residential as well as commercial and public properties. If you are considering installing a new septic system in Colorado Springs, we have years of experience designing systems to meet the property’s unique needs. We have excellent relationships with several septic system contractors in the Colorado Springs area and will be happy to refer you to highly qualified professionals.

If you need more information about our septic system engineering or public drinking  water treatment engineering services, continue browsing our website or contact us today to schedule an appointment with a highly skilled and trained engineer. 

Call On Us For Septic System Design Engineering that Colorado Springs Can Rely On

Some homeowners do not have extensive knowledge about septic systems until they build a new home in an area without a sewer system. A septic tank consists of a treatment tank and a leach field, known in the regulations as a Soil Treatment Area (STA). The treatment tank is typically a 1,000 or 2,000-gallon plastic, fiberglass, or concrete container.

Septic tanks have two or three chambers with an opening midway between the bottom and top. The wastewater solids mostly settle in the first chamber and settled wastewater enters the subsequent chambers. Many systems require a pump to dose the STA. This allows aerobic soil treatment to take place, which is far more efficient and less likely to build up a biomat than typical gravity treatment which is anaerobic because the soil remains saturated for long periods. Dosed systems will function properly for decades if designed properly. 

The second chamber allows any solids not trapped in the first chamber to settle. While the solids settle, the water flows up to an outlet and drains into the leach field. The leach field is located on soil that will treat any leftover pollutants in the wastewater.

When you hire a septic system engineer Colorado Springs, you are hiring an expert. This expert completely understands the septic system and can create a design to match your property perfectly. Our septic system soil engineers Colorado Springs will also ensure the leach field’s design  is appropriate for your soil to remove pollutants.

Septic System Designed By Innovative Process Engineering

Our experts can ensure that your septic tank system works without flaws and serves you for many years to come. It is easier to secure a permit without delay or issues when you hire Innovative Process Engineering to design your septic system.  We are able to respond more quickly than the “big guys”  and we will pair you up with the best septic system contractors and installers so that you will have a functioning system more quickly than with other Engineers.

If you want more information about septic tanks, leach fields, or septic system engineering, we are here to help. Contact our customer service team Today to schedule an appointment with our experts to ensure your septic system is designed the first time correctly.

Public Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Solutions

As experts in our field, Innovative Process Engineering has provided public water treatment solutions for commercial applications,  public suppliers, and ranches for over 35 years. If your commercial property is located in our service area (Colorado Springs, Denver, etc.), we can help solve your water treatment issues.

With years of experience, we have used a variety of technologies spanning multiple industries. These technologies include filtration, specialty media adsorption, disinfection, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and many others.

When you call our company, we tailor our solution to meet your business’s specific needs while providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. Some examples of the water treatment services we offer include:

  • Answers to drinking water issues including reverse osmosis systems and treatment options for health-related contaminants
  • Improve water quality to ensure specifications of your manufacturing process are met
  • Providing a wide array of water applications, including softening, filtration, deionization, and reverse osmosis
  • Remove staining, corrosion, hardness, sediment, and odors to ensure your water quality reflects the best possible public image for your company

The above items are just a few of the services we can provide to improve your company’s water quality. We will send a water specialist to your place of business to test and evaluate your water quality needs to ensure we can provide the best solution.

Drinking water treatment is usually needed only by commercial and public systems. Most residences do not require a Water Treatment Engineer, however we are happy to answer your questions. For more information about our public water treatment services, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us For The Best In Septic System Design Engineering

Properly designed septic systems will protect the environment as much as a public utility. We follow the state of the art in septic system design and have numerous advanced treatment options available when needed or desired.

A septic engineer Colorado Springs will also support the idea that septic systems are better for the environment because the disposal of waste is handled by naturally occurring bacteria instead of harsh chemicals. If you are ready to start planning out a septic system for your property, call us today.

We also offer public water treatment services for commercial customers. We know it can be challenging to navigate the water treatment industry without experience. Most businesses understand where they want to go but do not completely understand how to get there effectively.

If you are a commercial business with the need for public water treatment Denver, we can also handle the job. We know how to navigate public water treatment in Colorado while avoiding dead ends, U-turns, and disagreements about the best course of action. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.