About IPE

Ron LeBlanc, MS, PE

Licensed in CO, AZ, WY

I have 35+years experience in water quality and process engineering. I have 20+ years in laboratories, performing process optimization and design. I perform septic designs for residences and design municipal scale processes. My services can be best utilized by local developers looking for water/wastewater designs, municipalities that have process challenges and industries with challenging waste streams. I can travel to your site nationwide and work in your facility and develop optimal solutions to your process problems. I have lots of references available from those I have worked with.

I provide solutions to water/wastewater/environmental issues. From large municipal water treatment systems to challenging residential septic systems. I bring 35 years experience to bear on problems others have failed to solve. Solutions are well-documented and professionally written, so that they can be presented to management.

Contact me at ron@ipepllc.com or 720-775-0076