Septic Systems

Septic systems also go by the terms Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) and Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS). Unlike residential water systems served by wells, septic systems are mostly regulated for households. In Colorado, the State has developed regulations, however they only regulate larger systems (over 2000 gallons of waste per day). They delegate the regulation of smaller systems to Counties. Regulations vary but do not contradict State regulations.

Soil quality usually dictates the complexity and cost of the OWTS. Sandy soils without rock, clay or groundwater usually are the simplest and don’t require an Engineer’s design. Soils with more of those typically must be designed by a Professional Engineer, known as a PE. Engineers are licensed state by state.

A soils analysis is required in most counties and must be collected by a certified competent technician or PE. The soils report is required to be sealed by a licensed Engineer.

Innovative Process Engineering, PLLC provides this service and will also work with any installers who wish to do their own excavations for the test pits.

We have designed many systems throughout the Colorado Front Range and mountain counties. We are known to regulators and have good relationships. We have also designed larger systems requiring State permits.

Our services are superior because we have saved homeowners thousands of dollars even after a previous design was done. We are not overly conservative and we feature FAST TURNAROUND.