Public Water Treatment System Engineering

A professional engineer is required for most public water systems Denver Colorado needing to update planning documents or finding a solution to public water treatment Colorado Springs. Public water systems can be privately owned large systems for a business or a town or water district .

Most large systems or city or water district systems have an engineer on staff to provide the necessary services as the need arises. However, smaller public water systems hire an engineer when a problem or issue arises.

The issue with this practice is sometimes it hurts more than helps, especially with systems that must follow a specific process. In some instances, a particular method must be followed to qualify for loan reimbursement and grants.

We have a long history of working with small public systems from Native American Tribal Utilities to rural communities. We also have solved problems for large public systems that others failed at.

Innovative Process Engineering can provide the services required for your particular needs. As experts in our field, we always want to ensure our customers get the best service possible. With this in mind, we provide the following information about public water treatment Denver.

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When should I hire an engineer?

The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides various rules and regulations associated with water quality. In 1996, amendments were made to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. These amendments mandated that all 50 states develop programs to ensure new public water systems (after October 1, 1999) complied with the national regulations for primary drinking water.

With these new regulations, many states enacted various rules to ensure this compliance. These rules were published into manuals for public water systems to follow. If you research these regulations, you will find that some of the various manuals associated with water quality are hundreds of pages long.

As an average business without a professional engineer on staff, it would take many hours for a person to familiarize themselves with these various laws. Our experts at Innovative Process Engineering has over 35 years of complying with the different water quality laws and regulations. We are available to worry about the laws and regulations so you can focus on other, more essential items.

What kind of engineer should I hire?

When you begin your search for an engineer, you will soon realize a wide array of engineering specialties are available. The most common specialty employed for public water system treatment is environmental engineers. However, other specialties may also be an appropriate choice.

It is essential, however, to ensure whoever you hire is a licensed professional engineer. A professional can be defined as an individual who has a specialized college education and engineering experience. At Innovative Process Engineering, you can guarantee you are getting a professional with the proper education , training and license.

What services do most engineers perform?

When hiring a professional for drinking water or waste water treatment Denver, you cannot choose a standard package of engineering services. Like other engineers, we tailor our services to your specific needs. However, most engineers are involved in the following three phases of a design and construction project:

Planning and initial design is the first phase, which includes studying the issue, brainstorming solutions, developing the basic concept, estimates, and determining feasibility. We will offer you more than a simple seal of approval, including an analysis of other possibilities.

Next, the final design phase will begin. This phase includes the design, fieldwork, documents, and cost estimates sent to the appropriate agencies for approval. When completing waste water treatment Colorado Springs, we are familiar with all agency-specific requirements.

The final phase of public water filtration systems Denver is the construction phase. This phase typically involves various aspects of the actual construction of the public water filtration system or water treatment solution, depending on the required services.

What can Innovative Process Engineering provide you with as professionals?

If you are looking for public water filtration Denver services, a Professional Engineer is typically required. When you begin looking for an Engineer, you want one with relevant experience to complete the job in a timely and effective manner.

These goals are essential to Innovative Process Engineering also. To ensure we meet these standards, we demonstrate the following characteristics for all of our customers.

Knowledge– Our engineer has years of experience as well as a Master’s of Science in Environmental Engineering. He also has specialized training and education in the various aspects of public water system treatment.

Expertise-With over 35 years of practice, our Engineer has extensive training and experience with similar water systems projects. He has worked for utilities as large as 50 million gallons per day to as small as 19 gallons per minute.

Communication skills– As a public service provider for years, we know that communication is critical in preventing problems from arising.

References– Previous clients are the best source of information for potential customers. We can provide you with two or more references where we have completed similar water system treatment services.

When you plan, design, and construct water system components or fix water treatment issues, numerous technical details are involved in the process. These details include process requirements, soil evaluation and condition, corrosion, safety, and health and environmental standards.

As experts in our field, we are more than equipped to handle the job properly while following all state and federal regulations. We also understand that time is money, and we can complete your project promptly.

If you are a residential customer, public water treatment Denver services are not appropriate for your situation. We offer various residential services such as septic system design, but we do not typically provide water treatment services. If you are a commercial customer, contact us today to find out more about our Colorado public water treatment.