Pressurized Septic System Test

When your septic system soil is not optimal for locating a Soil Treatment Area (leach field), one way of getting a smaller system to work well is to pressurize it. The effluent from the septic tank overflows to a pump tank or chamber and a pump is controlled to dose the effluent onto the STA. That way the soil all receives effluent at once and does not super-saturate one area repeatedly. Many systems in Colorado and Arizona are mandated to be pressure dosed.
An Engineer is typically required for a pressure-dosed septic system. In Colorado, all septic systems with added sand are required to be pressure dosed. A good (and sometimes required) step is to check the squirt height at the end of the laterals. It is recommended that the squirt height be between 30 to 72 inches. The video below demonstrates how to measure it. Obviously, you want to load the pump with water, not effluent for the test!