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When hiring septic system soil engineers Colorado Springs, you may see some red flags. If you notice any of the following red flag warnings, you are not dealing with the best septic system engineer Colorado Springs.

When an engineer underbids another engineer’s price by $300 or more, you may want to continue looking.

When engineers price a job, the amount is based on the time being used and the staffing required for the particular job. This engineer may not be doing the job properly if he can guarantee over $300 cheaper.

Sometimes, an engineer will offer a contractor’s services and provide you with a combined price for both the engineering and construction. This combined price will beat any other provider. The cost of construction is dependent upon many factors. Do not trust any service provider that does not inspect the area before guaranteeing a reduced price.

If an engineer gives you a simple keyword outline fee proposal, you may want to rethink using him or her. If the paperwork only says design septic tank, it leaves out many of the necessary testing and evaluation associated with the soil. You should always request a line item proposal so you can verify exactly what it covers.

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When you are ready to hire a residential septic engineer Colorado Springs or a public water treatment expert, we suggest asking our previous customers about our work. Investigate our company using the Board of Health and internet. You will talk directly to an engineer, so be sure to discuss your particular needs and completion requirements.

At Innovative Process Engineering, we know that customer satisfaction and loyalty are the only way to make a business successful. We only promise what we can deliver. To avoid the other guys with the red flags, contact us today to schedule an appointment.